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Donor Privacy Policy: Friends of MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community awareness and improving the welfare of the nearly 10,000 animals MADACC cares for every year. Friends of MADACC respects the privacy of its donors and is committed to safeguarding personal information and ensuring that donor privacy is protected. Friends of MADACC collect and uses personal information from its donors when it is voluntarily provided to us for internal purposes only and that information is never published. Personal information collected includes contact information such as name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address, giving information, information on events attended, publications received and special requests for program information, the information provided by the donor in the form of comments and suggestions. This confidential information is kept on file for IRS purposes. Donor information is maintained in a secure database. It is used to analyze overall giving patterns to make more accurate budget projections, as well as to understand donors’ interests in our mission and to update them on the organization’s plans and activities. This information is shared with board members, only on a confidential and need-to-know basis. Friends of MADACC does not sell, rent, trade or share its donor list and donor’s personal information with any other organization. Friends of MADACC never sends out mailings on behalf of other organizations. It is the policy of Friends of MADACC to communicate with donors according to their expressed preferences whenever possible. Friends of MADACC will discontinue or change the method used to contact any person upon that person’s oral or written request directed to the organization.

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