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What is Friends of MADACC?

Friends of MADACC (FoM) is managed by a board of directors and, with the help of volunteers, provides wellness programs that focus on helping families keep their pets healthy; education programs that focus on educating the youth on the importance of treating their pet as a family member and resisting pressure to engage in acts of cruelty; and Spay and neuter programs to help reduce the pet overpopulation in Milwaukee County. Friends of MADACC uses its resources to provide an enriching environment for the animals during their stay at MADACC.

FoM Objectives

Reduce Intake at MADACC

Our ultimate goal is to keep pets in homes by providing vet, educational and training resources for families who are having a difficult time with behavioral or medical issues.  Avoiding pet surrender is the best way to reduce shelter populations.

Increase Adoptions at MADACC

We work closely with MADACC to educate the public about the shelter's adoption program, advertise adoption events and fund low and no-cost adoption promotions. 

Shelter Enrichment

Through financial support from FoM, MADACC's staff spends their days providing the best possible environment for animals while they wait for their current/future owners. 

Public Education and Support

We work within our community to provide the support and resources that allow families to keep their pets safe, happy and healthy. 

Facility Improvements

A new outdoor exercise and play yard for the dogs to burn off energy and work on obedience.

Online Training

Funding for MADACC to offer training vouchers for adoptable animals.

Cat Condos

Cat Condos for the MADACC lobby that allow the cats to be comfortable, less stressed and move visible to potential adopters.


FoM  provides salary support so that MADACC can add needed staff positions to help care for animals. 


Surgical equipment, leashes, collars and any miscellaneous items that MADACC requires

ID Tag Maker

FoM is providing funding so that MADACC can replace their ID Tag engraver and continue to offer tags to adopters.



Sponsored Cat Adoptions in 2021


Sponsored Dog Adoptions in 2021


Free Spay/Neuters


Funding for MADACC

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