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FoM's Board is entirely volunteer-based and full of uniquely qualified and compassionate individuals who are dedicated to improving the lives of the pets in our communities.  Interested in joining the board or volunteering in another way?  Check out our volunteer page to learn more!

  • As FOM’s President, Amila brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the position:  Not only has she been volunteering with MADACC for nearly a decade, prior to taking a break from the board to focus on other animal welfare-related endeavors, Amila served as FOM’s Outreach Director and President.  She is excited to be back on the board, continuing to make a huge difference through initiatives that improve the daily lives of the animals being cared for at MADACC, as well as community events like shot clinic and spay/neuter programs.


    In her free time, Amila enjoys traveling, spending quality time with her husband and dogs, and continues to be an active volunteer at MADACC.  Amila’s personality is best illustrated by her favorite dog ‘breed’ – the Pit Bull – if you don’t know any better, she may seem intimidating, but within a few minutes you’ll find a loyal and passionate ally!

  • Elizabeth returned to FOM with Amila, reprising her role as Vice President. She initially joined FOM as the Volunteer Coordinator after adopting her cat from MADACC and feeling implored to do more for the animals that they serve. This year, Elizabeth is most excited for the return of Walk, Run, Wag, but always looks forward to any opportunity that allows her to bring her professional expertise and personal passions together to make a significant impact in her community.


    In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys a balanced life of reading, working out, indulging in Netflix binges, and, most importantly, spending quality time with her cats and husband. Reflecting her introverted nature, she identifies with cats, appreciating their independent yet affectionate characteristics.

  • Katie joined FOM because it combines her love for animals with community involvement and, knowing that she has a specific expertise in finance, knew that the role of Treasurer was a great fit!  Katie is excited for all of FOM’s plans in 2024, but is most looking forward to the events that provide support to community pets (like low-cost spay/neuter programs and shot clinics.)   


    Katie’s household is a lively blend of family and animals, including her husband, four children, two dogs (Apollo and MADACC-alum Ozzy), and three cats. In her free time, she delves into positive dog training, enjoying the learning process and its application. With a personality that's a mix of a loyal "bully" breed dog and a chatty Chihuahua, Katie brings a unique blend dedication, and humor to her role, making a significant impact in her community and in the lives of animals.

  • Sue Oelke, a Milwaukee resident, has navigated various roles in real estate throughout her career. Currently serving as Secretary on the board, she brings a wealth of experience to her position at FoM. Sue's been volunteering at MADACC since 2019, contributing her time to both dogs and cats, and joined the board in 2021.

    At home, Sue shares her life with three beloved dogs, including two MADACC alums, despite her perpetual negotiation for a fourth.  Beyond her philanthropic endeavors, she relishes her free time by unwinding up north, enjoying golf, and embarking on spontaneous travels. 

  • Kellie started volunteering at MADACC as a cat adoption counselor in 2017 and started as a dog walker last year. She decided to join FOM in order to bring new ideas and goals to the board, as well as to feed her passion for animal welfare. As the Director of Volunteering, Kellie brings her knowledge, background experience and communication degree to recruit volunteers throughout the community and to help bring awareness to FOM and MADACC initiatives.


    She currently lives in Waukesha with her pit bull "West".  In her free time Kellie enjoys training with her dog, trying new dog -friendly hiking trails and spending time with her family. The best way to describe Kelli according to friends and family, is "introvert, but willing to discuss dogs.”

  • Josh’s multi-faceted “jack-of-all-trades” skillset and a palpable enthusiasm for volunteerism and animal welfare made joining FOM a no-brainer.  As a dog-walker and photographer, he is excited to work with the board to help animals get adopted through the development of a robust photography program; his ability to capture the goofy, serious or energetic dispositions in shelter animals’ profile pictures dramatically increases their shot at finding their perfect family.

    Josh's life is enriched by his diverse furry family: Jaxon (a Malinois Mix), Riley (a Ridgeback Staffy), Willow (his 'Certified House Hippo'), Lola (a Bichon Maltipoo), and Piper (a Chihuahua).  And, while he loves all of them ‘equally,’ Josh identifies most with Willow, his pittie, embodying a tough exterior with resilience, but also possessing a loving and compassionate core. This blend of strength and kindness makes Josh a valuable and multifaceted member of the FOM team.

  • Abby recently joined FOM as an opportunity to volunteer in a way that would fulfill her passion for animal welfare. As the Events and Fundraising Co-chair, she looks forward to the wide array of FOM initiatives throughout the year: From low-cost vaccine clinics that help animals stay in homes to the “fun” events like Barktoberfest and Walk, Run, Wag that raise funds to help animals waiting for their families at MADACC.


    Abby lives in West Allis with her fiancée, and three senior dogs, Codee, Sam, and Smokie. When she's not hanging out with her dogs, she’s probably thinking about them and (hopefully) talking about them – but she also enjoys trying new recipes and getting outdoors. 

  • Dawn is a realtor from Wauwatosa, WI, who brings her energetic spirit and can-do attitude to FOM as the Events/Fundraising Co-Chair. Her connection to MADACC includes sharing her volunteer journey with her 13-year-old daughter, both at the shelter and as a foster home for kittens! Drawn to FOM by a desire to make a tangible difference in the lives of shelter animals and the people who care for them, Dawn is especially passionate about initiatives that focus on getting animals into the loving homes they deserve as quickly as possible.


    In addition to her family of four, Dawn shares her house with two cats named Rocky and Michael, and two dogs, Rosie and Tilly.  Dawn characterizes herself as one of our favorite breeds – a mutt! As such, her ability to blend various traits and thrive in diverse situations makes her an invaluable asset to the FOM team. 

  • Bio coming soon!

  • Emily resides in South Milwaukee with her three dogs (Bruce, Lucy, and Todd) and husband.  A lifetime animal lover, Emily began helping animals in Milwaukee County when she first noticed a feral cat (and kittens) in her neighborhood in 2021.  Since then, she has spayed/neutered dozens of feral cats in Milwaukee and fostered a variety of cats and kittens (in addition to other species!) 


    Emily is excited to help expand community awareness of and access to spay/neuter resources and other FOM initiatives.   

  • Carly started volunteering at MADACC in 2019 as a Cat Adoption Counselor, Foster Home and Kennel Attendant.  She decided to join FOM in 2022 in order to deepen her impact with the local animal welfare and rescue community and to provide more substantial support to the owned and stray animals in our community.   As the Outreach Director, Carly is most excited for the events focused on community-involvement and improving awareness about FOM and MADACC initiatives. 


    Carly lives with her three cats, Toulouse and MADACC-alums Janelle and Nugget.  In her free time, Carly enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, and local modeling

  • Emily, a Software Developer who currently lives in Cudahy, has been an active volunteer at MADACC since 2021. Her roles include dog walking and adoption counseling for both cats and dogs, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to animal welfare.  Emily joined the board in 2024, with a goal of making a bigger impact at MADACC. She brings a unique blend of skills to her role, including the practical (and invaluable) ability to reach items on high shelves and creative talents in drawing and video editing.


    In addition to her human companions, Emily also shares her home with three four-legged roommates: her American Staffordshire Terrier, Mako, adopted from MADACC, and her two cats, Sterling and Bean.  Her free time is often spent climbing, drawing, and volunteering at MADACC.

  • Jenna has been volunteering at MADACC since 2019 and decided to join FOM as a way to contribute to the "big picture" agenda items that materially impact shelter operations. As the Marketing Co-Chair, Jenna capitalizes on her technical writing expertise, as well as a love for graphic design, to increase community awareness of FOM initiatives and events.  She is excited to work this year to better educate the community about what MADACC does and how important they are to Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.


    Jenna lives on the southside of Milwaukee with her husband, their Great Dane "Lady" and their MADACC-alum pittie-mix "Ca$h."  As a self-described 'dog nerd,' Jenna enjoys learning about animal psychology, training and welfare practices in her free time (and she'll happily divert any conversation to a dog-related topic when given the opportunity), and also enjoys cooking, gardening and anything fitness-related.

  • Alexis’s FOM connection was formed after she adopted London, her 11-month-old Doodle and Kevin, her 1-year-old Bengal mix cat, from MADACC. This experience deeply connected her to the cause, fueling her desire to improve the environment for animals in the shelter and, ultimately, seeking out a position on the board.  Her exceptional communication skills and a proactive approach to ensuring tasks are fully completed made her ideal for her current chair.


    Alexis is currently completing dog grooming school, aspiring to become a licensed groomer. Her passion for transforming pets' appearances brings her immense joy. Additionally, Alexis is an avid runner, training for her third half-marathon, and an enthusiastic single-track mountain biker – all of which means she spends most of winter waiting for that first decent spring day.  Her personality, akin to that of a poodle, reflects a blend of high maintenance, stubbornness, and a deep well of love and compassion.

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